Airplane Food

A quick post of the food on the airplanes to and from Italy. We traveled there on KLM, which had some of the best service ever. I actually had to turn away water since they kept hydrating us so much. The entertainment system was also quite nice and the staff were super friendly. They even gave us a (delicious) sandwich and two drink services on the short hop to Italy from our transfer in Amsterdam.

Also European airlines are awesome because they had small size cans of pop and beer.

The short flight back to Amsterdam from Rome was through Altalia and was probably the worst experience I've ever had on a plane ever. The air attendants and ground staff were rude and unfriendly. They forced us to check our luggage even though we arrived in Italy through a similarly sized KLM plane, and messed up the final destination of our baggage. If not for being overly cautious and checking the baggage carrousel at Amsterdam, I would have probably lost my suitcase. Thankfully it was soon back to KLM for the flight back home.