Mother's Day



Due to slightly unfortunate scheduling, I was out for most of Mother's Day participating in my company's team for CANstruction. However it did mean that I happened to be in downtown so I was able to pick up a lovely bouquet of flowers for my mom! 



For dinner I cooked what I call a  "White Bouillabaisse" (no relation to actual bouillabaisse). Seafood are sautéed and thrown into a pot of sweating onions. Fish was in butter; shrimp with butter and garlic; squid with shallots and white wine. The shellfish is added last. Dried dulse and basil is sprinkled in with some sea salt and an additional splash of white wine. Maybe 100cc of water, rest of liquid is from onion.

List of ingredients in no particular order: 

Tiger shrimp, Mussel, Savoy clam, Manila clam, Squid, Fish (white meat, forgot what kind), Sundried Dulse (from east coast), Sweet Onion, Basil, Garlic, Shallots, Sea Salt, White Wine, Allspice, white pepper.